Collage Provisions

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We have a catalogue of over 1500 products and with a network of high quality local suppliers, we can deliver provisions along the coast (from Pozzuoli to Salerno) and on the islands (Capri, Ischia).

We can supply with over 350 marine specialities, fish, preserved fish and seafood, shellfish and plankton;

over 20 cattle breeds and 52 game of meats (bovines, veal, pork, lamb and goats, game) Italian and foreign farms – all cuts available;

94 between foie gras and farmyard animal;

100 kind of hams, salamis and cured meats;

150 different type of cheese and other dairy product from Italy and Europe;

500 between flower, sprouts, aromatic herbs, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables;

300 kind of bread, pasta, rice and pulses;

over 200 salt, spices and condiments;

Wide variety of wines, spirits, beverages and specialty waters ……and many more.

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